Laboratoriz: the rice expert at your service


 Comprehensive support for the analysis of rice

Founded in 1946 in Arles in the heart of the Camargue region, the cradle of rice production in France, Laboratoriz is the European leader in rice analysis and control. 

At Laboratoriz, our expertise is focused on a very unique cereal: rice. We excel in the quality control and analysis of rice at every stage of its processing and in all its forms, from farmer-grower to end consumer. 

Our expertise enables us to classify and assess all varieties of rice according to their global standard. 

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years of ISO 17025 accreditation
the only reference laboratory for Riz de Camargue PGI rice: Laboratoriz
minutes for remote broken grain biometric analysis: AlgoRice

Who is it for?

Exacting customers : 

  • farmers 
  • processors / manufacturers 
  • distributors 
  • importers / exporters 
  • regulatory bodies 
  • government institutions 

Laboratoriz offers its services to any professional or entity requiring analysis and quality control for rice, whatever its stage of production, processing, or distribution. 

Whether you’re a rice producer looking to assess the quality of your crop, a processor requiring analyses (pesticides, mycotoxins, GMOs, etc.) to optimise your processing, or an importer concerned about regulatory compliance, Laboratoriz is there to meet your specific rice analysis needs. 

Laboratoriz can help you to evaluate the quality of your harvest and optimise your processing. 


Our offer

Laboratoriz offers you a complete range of analysis and consultancy services for rice control. As an ISO 17025-accredited and GAFTA-approved laboratory, we guarantee reliable, repeatable results and compliance with international standards. 

We are committed to providing rapid analyses, complementary services such as training, inter-laboratory testing, and industrial audits, as well as detailed analysis reports and quality certificates. 

You can rely on Laboratoriz for accurate analyses and a complete service, from sampling to quality certification. 

Laboratoriz is proud to be ISO 17025-accredited by COFRAC since 1999, guaranteeing reliable analysis results and compliance with the most demanding standards. 

Phytocontrol Group

The Phytocontrol Group is committed on a daily basis to ensuring the safety of food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and the environment. A favoured partner of Laboratoriz for many years, the Group acquired the laboratory in 2023. With over 5,500 m² of technology across all its laboratories, Phytocontrol provides innovative, eco-responsible solutions to guarantee the quality and conformity of rice. 

Within the Phytocontrol Group, our teams of experts are organised around three key markets: AgriFood, Water (water and environment), and Biopharma (Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals / Agrosciences / Chemicals and Materials). This organisational structure enables us to meet all of the health, safety and hygiene needs of our customers: laboratory analyses, auditing and consultancy, traceability and digital monitoring of the health control plan (PMS), and training.