Our training

Acquire technical expertise through our customised training

At Laboratoriz, we have a team of expert rice technicians ready to share their know-how and experience. Our training courses cover a wide range of subjects, from the physical analysis of Paddy, Cargo, and Milled rice, to laboratory techniques, international standards, legislation, and sampling. 


Who is it for ?

Laboratory technicians

Quality or plant managers

Sales teams


100% personalised training

Our training courses can be customised to meet your exact requirements. 

Whether you need individual or group training, theoretical or practical, in French or English, we can adapt our courses to your preferences. 

Training courses can last from one day to several days, depending on your needs, and can be adapted to suit your schedule. 

Ongoing training

As an approved training organisation (No. 93131244913 in France), our training courses can be funded as part of the ongoing training of your staff. Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your team’s skills and guarantee a high level of expertise in rice analysis. 

Contact us today to discuss your training needs and find out how we can help you enhance your technical expertise.