Our analyses

At Laboratoriz, we offer you unrivalled expertise in physical and chemical analyses and supplementary services for rice at all stages of processing. Our laboratory stands out for its expertise, its commitment to quality, and its leading role in the laboratory network. 


Physical analyses: deciphering the composition of rice

Our physical analyses are essential for evaluating the quality and specific characteristics of your rice, whether Paddy, Husked, Semi-milled or Milled, Parboiled, Broken, Bran or Flour. Our qualified technicians carry out a full range of analyses, including : 

  • Physical characteristics: moisture content, percentage of broken kernels, varietal mix, green, red, amber, chalky kernels, etc. 
  • Machining yields. 
  • Biometrics. 
  • Evaluation of gelatinisation time. 
  • Cooking test (odour, flavour, consistency). 
  • Elongation test. 
  • Testing whiteness, transparency and degree of milling using colorimetry. 
  • Hydration test. 
  • Weight of 1,000 grains. 
Our analyses are carried out in accordance with national, European, and international standards, and are COFRAC-accredited (accreditation No. 1-1099) for reliable, recognised results.

Chemical analyses: make sure your rice is safe at every level

To ensure your rice is as safe as possible, our chemical analyses cover a wide range of parameters, adapted to each stage of processing, including Seeds, Straw, Plots, Water, etc. Our services include : 

  • Alkali test (Thai Hom Mali standard). 
  • Bacteriological analyses. 
  • Search for pesticide residues. 
  • Detection of mycotoxins. 
  • Analysis of heavy metals. 
  • Monitoring radioactivity. 
  • Nutritional composition. 
  • Amylose content. 
  • DNA comparison for varietal mixes. 
  • Screening for known GMOs. 

You can rely on our expertise to ensure the quality and conformity of your rice, while meeting the most stringent standards. 


Supplementary services: a comprehensive, personalised approach

In addition to physical and chemical analyses, Laboratoriz offers a full range of supplementary services to support your business : 


Our team conducts sampling on various infrastructures (ships, rail wagons, lorries, silos, etc.) in France, Europe, or anywhere in the world, guaranteeing the accurate representativeness of your batches for analysis. 

Inspection plans

We adapt our analyses in line with your organisation’s specific inspection plans, depending on the type of rice and the desired period. 

Diagnostics / Advice / Technical Audits

Take advantage of our expertise by performing diagnostics and technical audits to optimise your plant’s performance, identify weak points, and draw up stock reports. 

Regulatory Watch

Our quality team is constantly on the lookout for new regulations in force, keeping you quickly informed of changes and ensuring your optimum compliance. 


Join the network of laboratories with Laboratoriz

When you choose Laboratoriz, you are joining a unique network of laboratories specialised in rice analysis that take part in inter-laboratory testing (ring testing). This initiative allows you to evaluate yourself anonymously and compare your results with those of your partners, customers, and competitors. Let us work together to enhance the quality, safety, and compliance of your rice products throughout the supply chain.