Technical support and advice

Your partner for quality analyses 

At Laboratoriz, we have a team of experts dedicated to supporting you with your research and analysis needs, to identify and determine any potential damage to your goods, whether at origin, during transport, or at destination. 

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Analyses tailored to your needs

We understand the importance of having the most appropriate analyses to assess the quality of your products. That is why our highly qualified technical team will guide you in choosing the most appropriate analyses, based on your specifications and the requirements of your industry. 

Accredited analysis reports

The analysis reports issued by Laboratoriz are officially accredited and recognised, which means that they have legal value and are enforceable against third parties. This gives you tangible proof of the quality of your products, strengthening your position vis-a-vis your commercial partners and the regulatory bodies. 

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Your partner for quality

By choosing Laboratoriz as your partner for your analyses and technical needs, you benefit from our commitment to excellence and quality. We are passionate about what we do, and are committed to providing you with a first-class service, tailored to your specific needs.  

The Laboratoriz commitment

Our mission is to help you achieve your quality, safety, and regulatory compliance objectives. With our team of experts and state-of-the-art laboratory, you can count on us to be your trusted partner throughout the process, from sampling to analysis and technical advice. 


You can rely on Laboratoriz

to provide you with the most appropriate analyses, accredited reports, and personalised technical support. Together, we can ensure the quality and safety of your goods throughout the supply chain.