Our fine history


A promising start

Quality approval of Camargue rice loads on trains and ships became a necessity, and certificates were issued to attest to the quality. Laboratoriz's close proximity to the Camargue region meant it was able to assist with production, particularly at harvest time. Port approval for imported goods at the ports of Fos, Marseille, Port-Saint-Louis-du- Rhône, and Sête was also part of our remit.

A new chapter begins

Following a change in its legal status, Laboratoriz issued a large number of certificates for batches of rice at entry into emergency response warehouses on behalf of the French Ministry of Agriculture. It also performed ship inspections at European and Caribbean ports on batches imported from South America.

Professionalisation and accreditation

Quality approval became increasingly professionalised and Laboratoriz, always a forerunner in its field, obtained ISO 17025 accreditation to conduct specific physical analyses of rice. Our laboratory became the first in France to be accredited for these analyses.

New premises, a new chapter

Laboratoriz moved to more suitable and more accessible premises, still in Arles.

Traceability at its peak

To better serve our customers, the installation of an ERP system enabled us to trace samples throughout the analysis process.

Revolution in analysis

Creation of Algorice instant analysis: in the aftermath of Covid, Laboratoriz created Algorice, a remote biometric and broken grain analysis system. This rapid service enables customers to obtain an outsourced Analysis Report for their samples using image analysis. Requiring just a smartphone and a photo, Algorice by Laboratoriz delivers your results in a matter of seconds.