Our dynamic, professional team offers its expertise to the entire rice industry. 

Rice growers, rice millers, storage organisations, importers, exporters, trade associations, wholesalers, distributors, traders, public bodies, customs authorities, ministries of agriculture, insurers, lawyers, and experts in France, Europe and around the world place their trust in us. 

First and only independent laboratory accredited (accreditation No. 1-1099) under standard NF EN ISO 17025 by COFRAC for physical analyses of rice and rice derivatives since 2000 

GAFTA-approved laboratory 

INAO-accredited laboratory 

Ongoing collaboration with

Dreets (Training organisation with registration No. 93131244913)

Analyses as part of expert appraisals of damaged goods 

Quality approval of national production for French organisations 

International control on behalf of the industry 

Missions in different parts of the world for international traders 

Collaboration on tests for the development of rice-related equipment (for manufacturers or consumers)