Ring Tests

Join a network of laboratories for a better assessment of your analyses

Laboratoriz stands out by offering a unique network of laboratories dedicated to rice analyses, providing an exceptional opportunity to evaluate and compare results. 

Join our community of participants, made up of customs officials, manufacturers, storage organisations, and public, European, and international laboratories. By joining our network, you will benefit from 3 “Ring Test” sessions a year, held in February, June, and October. 


Assess, compare, and ensure analytical excellence in rice analysis

Objective assessment and comparison of results

By taking part in the “Ring Tests” offered by Laboratoriz, you have the opportunity to evaluate your analyses anonymously and compare them with those of your partners, customers, or competitors. 

This objective evaluation enables you to measure the performance of your results in relation to all the participants, thereby encouraging continuous improvement in your analytical practices. 

Standardising analyses and preventing commercial disputes

Laboratoriz Inter-Laboratory (Ring) Tests help to standardise the analyses submitted for interpretation. Taking part in these tests reinforces the reliability and credibility of your results, thereby avoiding commercial disputes. 

This harmonisation of analytical practices ensures greater confidence and transparency in rice analysis. 

Join Laboratoriz

Joining the Laboratoriz network of laboratories gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills, build up a relationship of trust with your customers and partners, and stay at the cutting edge of the latest advances in rice analysis. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a community committed to analytical excellence and to benefit from all these advantages.