Outsourced biometrics in under 3 minutes!

Simple – Fast – Reliable

Algorice is an innovative image analysis system developed by Laboratoriz, enabling you to carry out regular biometric checks and breakage analyses in just a few minutes, under the rigorous control of our expert rice analysis laboratory. 

Easy to use...

Assemble the machine in less than a minute
Place the phone on the plate and set up the measurement
Choose the associated plate according to the type of rice
Adjust the height to fit your plate to the camera
Spread the rice grains evenly
Follow the steps on the phone and get your results back in minutes

By choosing Algorice

You benefit from an advanced image analysis solution, developed by rice-growing experts, which offers you simplicity, speed, reliability, and mobility. You can rely on Laboratoriz to help you improve your quality control, thanks to our proven know-how and the technological innovation of Algorice. Simplify your analyses, improve efficiency, and optimise your production process with Algorice by Laboratoriz.



Algorice makes it easy to identify the sample, and taking a photo requires nothing more than a simple smartphone. The system is pre-configured by us, eliminating the need for complex adjustments. 



Get the results of your analyses in just a few seconds, making the process extremely fast and efficient. The ease of use of our system greatly facilitates the work of your teams. 



At Laboratoriz, Algorice is subject to the rules governing equipment
and is integrated into inter-laboratory tests to ensure the
the reliability of results.



The portable aspect of Algorice means you can carry out your analyses directly on site, whether in the factory, in the port, or in the laboratory. This gives you maximum flexibility for your quality controls. 



To make your analyses easier, we can lend you a portable light box. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection to capture the images and get the results in the blink of an eye.